Intel is preparing for the influx of “billions” of IoT (internet-of-things) devices in 2017 and onwards, and for that the internet needs to be ready with a new standard. Intel is announcing a mature 5G modem which will be ready by end of 2017, a new standard to deal with the “things” that will connect to it.

What is 5G? Well, if we’re talking of download speeds, the Intel 5G modem satisfies that standard – hitting 5Gbps download speeds through bandwidth aggregation and usage of ultra-low latency frequencies. This standard uses a gamut of technologies, including MIMO configurations, advanced channel coding, and interworking with 4G as fallback. See the video below for better information on the new standard.

The main problem is that most of the world’s infrastructure is just now catching up to 4G even, and Intel says these “aren’t designed to accommodate the massive bandwidth required to support such an evolution, or the ultra-low latency needed to allow devices or even vehicles to react to split-second events.” The Intel 5G modem stands out in that the modem is able to work, after a fashion, with today’s infrastructure.

Intel is eyeing a sample modem available by second half of 2017, and mass manufacturing to follow right after. Expect a number of tech companies to catch up with 5G as well starting at the middle of this year.



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