Those using the Instapaper app may want to fire up the Play Store and grab this latest update. The update has brought the Instapaper app up to version 1.2, however perhaps more important — it has brought a mix of fixes and improvements as well as some new features. Just to begin with, the update changelog notes performance improvements and bug fixes.

Nothing specific as to which bugs were taken care of, however it is hard to complain when things are getting fixed. Same goes for the performance improvements — nothing specific as to what or how, but improvements are generally a welcomed thing. Moving to something more important, the new features.

These include Pagination, which is the ability to scroll by full pages and the ability to scroll by tilting. These can both be adjusted by heading into the Settings under the option for Scroll Mode. This update also added in-line footnotes and a sepia mode. Those looking for the sepia mode should remain in the Settings and check under the option for Background. Of course, the Light and Dark options both remain available.

Additionally, this update also added something new, it is called The Feature. This is a section of editor recommended articles and looks like it could be nice for those who have reached the end of the Instapaper queue. Well, that is assuming one is able to reach the end of their Instapaper queue. With that, the Instapaper app remains available for devices running Android 2.3.3 or later and priced at $2.99. Of course, this update is free for those who have previously purchased the app.

[via Google Play]