Ok, so anyone who has plans of using Xposed Framework to spruce up your Android device’s OS will know that installing it would be a pain in the nether regions. It’s difficult enough to install via custom recovery (and root is required) that most people won’t bother. Unless you have an LG G4, where the installation just involves flashing the framework file. It’s that easy. Who knew?

XDA member “tabp0le” discovered that you can actually install Xposed Framework to LG’s newest flagship without much of the hassle. The guide he made has been confirmed to work on LG G4 models from AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, and a bunch of other international variants. Suffice it to say, it probably works across the range. The installation is heck easy, if your phone is already rooted. Follow our source link below to get the needed install files, install FlashFire to your device, and flash the needed files. Voila!

lg g4 back

If you’re asking what Xposed Framework is and why you might need it, then you probably don’t need it it. Yet. Read up on it and you will see that it basically gives you more control over your Android device on a system level, and where usually you would rely on a custom ROM to give you necessary features, Xposed Framework gives you these features in installable modules.


If you want that kind of control on your LG G4, then head on over to the source link to download the necessary files and get all the instructions. We implore you, as always, to have a working backup of your files so that you don’t cry like a baby when the crap hits the ceiling fan.