If you’ve used CM10 or CM11 before, there’s a big chance that you may have a soft spot for the apps that can only be found (and used) within the CyanogenMod environment. People who have gotten used to using these apps have no choice to download them individually and install them onto their devices – until now, of course. The CM App Installer brings all these apps under one downloader and allows you to get them, even for your non-CM operating system.

An early warning at this point – since the apps were designed for the CM ROM, there is a slight chance they might not work correctly on your device using a non-CM ROM, but would you rather not try? We thought so.

At this point, the apps that you are able to install include Apollo, Calculator, CM File Manager, Torch, Messaging, DSP Manager, Gallery, Voice+, News and Weather Widget, Trebuchet Launcher, cLock Widget, Movie Studio, and CM Wallpapers. The CM App Installer also saves you the hassle of having to backup your installed CM apps, as the tool does this automatically.

This tool was designed by XDA member “TheMentalGoose”, and if you are interested in this, go ahead and check out the official thread here.