Thanks to taosoftware co.,ltd there’s now a way to install apk’s from an email. Granted, it takes some getting used to and there is multiple steps to follow but it isn’t that hard and it is a welcome addition to any Android device.

This handy app now eliminates the need for a computer. Without it, you would have to go to your computer, download the apk then move it to your SD card before you install it. This app does all that right from the device itself. And to top it off, it’s free. Scan the qr code below and add this to your collection.
Market Description:

“tAttachApkInstaller” is software that enables the installation of the software attached to Gmail.

This software doesn’t display the icon on the home.
When the preview button of the APK file is pushed on the Gmail, it starts.

v1.4 support Multiple Screens

[via androidspin]