While we’ve learned to live with the algorithmic feed of Instagram which they introduced back in 2016, it’s still obviously not a very popular thing for most users who remember the chronological version. But it looks like the powers that be have finally listened to the clamor as they will be bringing back the chronological feed by early 2022. However, it will not be exactly what people are expecting that everything will go back to the way it was as it will instead be one of the options to viewing your feed on the platform.

During the Senate hearing on Instagram and teen safety, Adam Mosseri shared that they are now working on version of the chronological feed that they’re looking at launching in the first quarter of 2021. He said that they want to give people the option to have this feed if they want to. And based on feedback the past few years from those unhappy with how their Instagram feed looks like, a lot of people would really want that.

The Instagram Twitter account explained that they will not be switching everyone back to the chronological feed but instead this will be one of the options available for users. They will have the freedom to choose what kind of feed works for them. If they’re already used to the algorithmic feed that we’ve been using all these years then they’re probably sticking to it. But if you want to go back to seeing posts in order, then you’ll get that option by early next year.

Recently they’ve been testing other ways to view your feed, like adding suggested posts from accounts you don’t follow but it thinks you may like. Some have also spotted a test that would let users sort their feed into Home, Favorites, or Following. Instagram confirmed that they are working on a favorites feed where it will show you posts from friends that you choose so it will surface it higher on the feed.

We don’t have details yet on how the chronological feed option will work. We’ll probably know more about when it starts testing by 2022 and when they officially launch it in the first quarter.


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