This seems like a feature that should have always been available, but up until today Instagram users were not able to embed images on other sites. That said, the Instagram team has announced just that and moving forward you will be able to embed images and video from your Instagram feed. The process is simple and involves just a few clicks to get the code.

Once on the Instagram image (or video) that you want to share, you will need to click the share button that sits on the right-hand side. The share button is the one with the arrow and sits just below the favorite and comment buttons. Anyway, a click of that button will bring a pop-up with the embed code and from here you just click the green “Copy Embed Code” button and add paste it where you need.

The embeds are done using iFrame and have the images sitting at 612 wide by 710 high. Perhaps more important here though, the embed will show the image (or video) as well as the key details including the username and avatar, comments and number of likes. Also, this may be as one would expect, but the image has to be set as public for it to be available for embed on other sites.

Bottom line here, while nice to have available, we have to consider this more of a catch up feature. Plenty of other sites offer the ability to embed images and as a result of what we have seen from those other sites — we suspect we may begin seeing more and more Instagram images around the web.

SOURCE: Instagram Blog