When you meet someone for the first time and you immediately click, probably the first thing you ask them before you go your separate ways is “what’s your Instagram account?” (sorry, Facebook, you’re not all that anymore). It’s quick and easy if the username is easy to understand and spell out but if it’s more complicated than ilovecoffee or your actual name, it can sometimes be a drag. Now Instagram is making it easier for you to connect through Nametags.

Okay, this isn’t an actual name tag like you would think at first. It’s a customizable and digital information card that when scanned will help you find and add Instagram profiles. It’s like a calling card but it can be found on a person’s phone and specifically their Instagram account and will only be all about the IG account and nothing else. The Nametag is “uniquely yours”, like a hipster fingerprint.

To create and try out your out nametag, go to your profile and head on over to that section with the three lines at the top. You just need to tap on the new Nametag section and then personalize yours by touching the screen anywhere. You can also add your own design by tapping on the colors, emojis, stickers, and of course taking your own picture. Then you’re ready to have your Nametag scanned with people you meet for the first time.

If you’re the one doing the scanning of someone else’s nametag, swipe right into your camera, hover over the nametag and then hold down on your screen. You can also share the nametag through text, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Tap on the arrow at the top right of your nametag to share it.

Instagram has already rolled out the nametag globally so you can go ahead and start playing around with it and then use it when you meet new people at a party, an event, or even online.

SOURCE: Instagram