If you’ve been saving a lot of posts on your Instagram, you’ve probably wished there was an easier way to organize them, like the way you organize all your pins on Pinterest. This is very much needed if you are a constant saver and you have tons of posts already on your saved section. Well it seems that Facebook also has that in mind as the latest update to the photo sharing app they own brings that particular feature so you can organize all of your already saved posts and those you will save in the future in private collections.

Going about this is actually pretty simple. When you see a post that you like, you do the usual by tapping the bookmark under it and then saving it. You can then add it to an already existing collection or create a new one and name it accordingly. Your already existing saved posts can also be sorted into collections by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You then will give your collection a name and then choose which saved posts you’d like to add there.

The collections, just like your saved posts previously, can be seen in the saved posts tab when you go to your profile. And don’t worry if you think you might be “outed” as a constant saver of your crush’s posts. All your collections, just like the saved posts, are private. Instagram says that 46% of their users have at least one saved post in their accounts so this will be a pretty handy feature.

You can update your Instagram app to the latest version, which is 10.16, to be able to start making your own private collections.

SOURCE: Instagram