The team behind Instagram isn’t messing around. Today they’ve just issued yet another update for the Android version of the popular social photography app bringing some more features, changes, and improvements. The update just landed about an hour ago and one of the main new features is tablet support.

The update brings support for more than just smartphones. Now Android tablets and WiFi devices like the Galaxy Player can all access and enjoy Instagram. While most probably don’t take too many photos out in the world with their large 10-inch tablets, it’s nice to have the option. That isn’t all either. They also added the option to move the app to the SD card for those low on storage, or running older devices.

Currently it appears that Instagram on tablets might only work in portrait mode, not landscape. I fired it up on both the Transformer Prime and my 7.7″ Galaxy Tab and both only worked in Portrait mode, so hopefully they fix that. As usual the update claims addition bug fixes, performance updates, and a smoother experience. The update is available right now at the Google Play Store and if you want to know what this Instagram thing is all about, hit the links below for all of our coverage and a review.