When you have thousands or millions of followers on a social network, chances are you will become a target for hackers, whether it’s to make mischief or to steal something from you. The two-factor authentication is something that a lot of networks and apps have already installed to protect their users. And now finally, it looks like Instagram, one of the more popular social apps out there, will be rolling out this security feature so their user can actually breathe easier.

Instagram is slowly rolling out this security feature to their users, so better check if your account already has it. If you’re not familiar with what this two-factor authentication is, you will be able to register and verify a phone number with your account. So if anyone unauthorized tries to log in to your account, even if they do have your username and password, they will still need an authentication code that will be texted to the number you verified. So it will not be possible for them to log on, unless they also have access to your messages.

If you think that it’s overkill for people to have to protect their Instagram account this way, think again as to what happens when someone is able to access your account. They can delete your precious photos, message your friends something inappropriate, make spammy posts on our account, and probably losing you some or a lot of followers. And if you’re a brand or a celebrity or have something of a name in the IG community, then this would be a big deal.

The announcement of the two-factor authentication feature isn’t official in that there is no press release or blogpost from Instagram yet. But the test roll-out has been seen and experienced by some users. So if you’re not one of the lucky testers, patiently wait for an official update.

VIA: Tech Crunch