Have you ever gone through the Instagram Stories of people that you follow and wanted to share some of those that you see with your friends? The only way was probably to tell your friends to look at so-and-so’s stories or to follow him/her if they don’t yet. But now Instagram wants to make it easier for you to do so by giving you an actual, direct way to share those stories to a friend or to a group on friends through Direct Message.

When you see an interesting or intriguing post on Instagram Stories by someone you follow, tap on the direct icon on the bottom right corner and then just like with sharing a regular post, choose the friend or group you want to share it with and then tap Send. When someone shares a story with you, you’ll see them in your Direct Inbox. However, when the story expires after 24 hours, it will also disappear from your inbox.

Also, not everyone would want their Instagram Stories shared to other people. That’s why if you don’t want other people sharing it on their Direct Inboxes, just disable the option to do so in your stories settings. And of course, if you have a private Instagram account, only those following you will be able to see your stories.

It’s pretty interesting to see how Instagram is evolving from just being a photo-sharing giant to now also giving emphasis on their Stories feature, Direct Messaging, Instagram Live, etc. Now if only they will finally introduce reposting or regranting.

SOURCE: Instagram