If you’re one of those people who like posting lyrics on their Instagram Stories, you now don’t need to type out the parts that you want to post. In the regions where the music sticker is available on the Stories feed, users will now be able to display the song lyrics of the song they’re adding to their photo or video. Not coincidentally, this is a feature they added to Instagram to be able to compete with their somewhat-rival TikTok’s newly-launched text feature.

Previously, you could actually add lyrics but you had to do it the “old-fashioned” way: by typing text over the story. You would choose the song from their music library through the music sticker then add the text option and type out the parts of the lyrics you want to add to your image or video. It worked but it may be too much work for some.

Now with the latest update to Instagram, do the first part which is adding the music sticker and choosing a song from their audio library. But now, if the song has its lyrics included, you’ll have the option of adding them already instead of typing them out. You can also choose which parts of the lyrics will appear, edit how you want the lyrics to appear design-wise and font-wise.

When someone watches your story, the lyrics will automatically start appearing while the music is playing. If they tap on the lyrics, they will be led to a portal where they can listen to more parts of the song and read more about the artist in case they don’t know anything about them yet. And if they want to sing-along like in karaoke, they can also do it of course.

The lyrics option is now available in places where the music sticker is also available. Hopefully, they’ll be able to expand that as its reach is pretty limited right now.