When you view your friends’ Instagram Stories and you want to send them a comment or a message, don’t you sometimes wish you could do more than just type words? The photo and video sharing social network has realized that as well and now the latest update to the app lets you reply with a photo or a video to the Stories posted by the people you follow. You will now be able to post selfies or boomerangs, and other treats to respond to your friends.

Replying or commenting on the story using multi-media reactions is actually pretty easy. When you’re watching a story, just click on the new camera button. Not only will you be able to take a picture or video, but you can even use any of the creative tools in the built-in camera, including filters, stickers, and even the Rewind feature. You will also be able to include a sticker of the story itself that you can move around.

You can read the replies to your story in your Inbox, just like before. You can see a sticker of your story that only you will be able to see, in case you’re confused as to which story they are replying to. The friend who sent you the reply will know if you’ve taken a screenshot of the reply or if you’ve replayed the reply.

To enjoy this new feature, you need to update your Instagram Android app to version 10.28. Check the Google Play page if the update has already rolled out to your account.

SOURCE: Instagram