If you’re the type of person who enjoys using Polls on your Instagram Stories to help you decide on not-so-lifechanging but still confusing situations, then you’ll like this new feature that they’re introducing. The emoji slider sticker is now available as a new way for you to interact with your friends if you want them to participate in your “more nuanced questions”. You will be able to access this new feature when you update your Instagram to version 44.

After you take your photo or video in Instagram Stories, you can add an emoji slider sticker from the tray. Just like any other sticker, you can place it anywhere you want on the screen and you can adjust the size. Write out what you want to ask and then choose the emoji that best matches your question. There will be suggestions with the most popular emojis but you can also choose from the entire library of emojis that you have.

Your friends and followers will then be able to respond to your question by dragging the slider to the left or right. They’ll see the emoji animated depending on where you slide it. If you’re the one answering the question, you’ll also see the current average of other people who have already responded. Both the poll sticker and the emoji slider are great tools not just to get other people’s input but also to connect with friends and followers.

You can now update your Instagram to version 44 to be able to use the emoji slider sticker.

SOURCE: Instagram