Instagram Stories is probably one of the most popular ways that people are telling their stories on social media right now. There are even rumors that Facebook is considering creating a separate app for it. But for now, let’s enjoy just using it with the actual Instagram app as it’s intended to be used. And we’re also assured that they’re bringing more features over the next few weeks. The latest update to Stories is you can now upload multiple photos and videos at once. You also now get better location suggestions for when you want to add location stickers to your story.

There are times, especially when you’re at an event or party, where you want to upload several items at once to your Instagram Stories. So now you can do so just by tapping on the new icon you’ll see in the upload media section. You can select up to ten photos or videos from your camera roll. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to edit and preview them before uploading. You can do your usual text, stickers, and other creative stuff that you do with your stories.

And if the sticker that you want to add is for your location, there has also been an improvement to it. The location sticker will suggest places that were near where you captured your media from. So even if you’re not at the beach anymore, you’ll still be able to tag it as suggested by Instagram. Hopefully.

You can update your Instagram app to be able to enjoy these new features. If it’s not there yet, then you will have to wait as the rollout may be gradual.

SOURCE: Instagram