Instagram is really pulling out all the stops to get people into the whole Stories lifestyle. The latest update to the app brings new ways of sharing content on the platform as well as new ways of connecting with your contacts aside from just messaging them. You will now be able to share content from other apps directly to your Stories and also try out third-party designed filters and stickers. You will also now be able to have a video chat with your contacts through the Direct thread. Lastly, the Explore section has been properly organized according to topics.

If you love sharing screencaps of your Spotify songs or playlists, you can now directly share a sticker of your new song from the Spotify app itself to your Instagram Stories. And if you use a GoPro action camera, you can also now share your action shots from the GoPro app. They’re expecting more apps to add the sharing to Stories option. Brands will also now be able to create their own face filters, text styles, and stickers. If you see something in their Stories that you want to try out, tap “Try it on” and then it will be added to your tray. You’ll be able to use these creative effects from Vogue, Buzzfeed, and other celebrities and brands soon.

If chatting with your friends privately is more your thing, you can now video chat with a friend one-on-one or with a small group of friends. Just tap on the new camera icon in your Direct thread and choose which ones you want to video chat with. You can even minimize the video window so you can still do other things while chatting. It’s still in the testing phase and it will roll out globally soon.

You’ll also see a new Explore section with the content organized into topic channels like Photography, Books, Art, etc. It will still be personalized for you based on the posts you like and the accounts you follow. This will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks so just go back and check every once in a while.

SOURCE: Instagram