There are times when you would like to poll your friends about an outfit that you want to wear or a book that you want to buy, but using Instagram’s Poll sticker and putting it on your Instagram Stories might be a little too public for your taste. But now you have the option to use and send the sticker to those that you want to see it (and vote for it) though Direct Message. How it works is basically still the same but now you can just ask people privately.

If you’ve never used the Poll sticker before, you’re probably new to Instagram or you don’t like exploring other things you can do on Stories. The idea is that you can post a poll to help you decide on things that you need to do or buy or use or wear or if you’re just bored or something. Previously, you could only post in on your Stories and everyone who follows you (except those you restrict) can see it and vote. But now you can just choose to send it through Direct Message instead.

For those who have never used Poll, here’s how you do it. Take a photo or video through your Instagram Camera on Stories. Tap on the stickers icon on the upper right and choose poll. You can ask one question and they can vote for two options. It doesn’t have to be just Yes or No, you can edit the text in the options. You can also add other sticker or GIFs or effects to the story.

Then when you’re ready to send, tap on the Send To button on the bottom right. You can choose an individual or a group to send the Story to and then you can wait for their vote or votes. While you can always just ask one person, it’s more fun of course to get the opinion of more people. You can also use the Poll to make plans with a group but you’ll only have two options of course.

To be able to send Poll in Direct Message, you need to update your Instagram app to the latest version. We’ll also probably see the Question sticker soon for Direct Message but for now, it’s still only available on Stories.