One of the features of Messenger that friends love to use is the fact that you can send voice messages and you can even use this as a sort of walkie-talkie when you can’t type. Since Facebook owns Instagram as well, we expected that feature to arrive there soon. It took them a while to do so, but now Instagram is announcing that users can now send voice messages through the Direct Messaging feature of the app to make it easier to “talk” to your loved ones.

If you’re familiar with how voice messages function in Messenger, then this should be pretty easy for you too. Just go to Instagram’s Direct Message section and on the message box, you’ll see a mic icon. Just hold it down and record a short voice message which will then appear as an audio wave in your thread. You can record up to 10 seconds and it will not disappear after they’ve listened to it, unlike some of the more ephemeral features of Direct.

Obviously, this is not a groundbreaking feature as apps like Viber, Telegram, and Instagram’s cousins Messenger and WhatsApp already have this ability. But for those who are heavy Insta users, then this is a convenient way of sending messages when you don’t have the ability to type put messages or to make audio or video calls. It can also be a way for both (or all) of you to quickly respond to messages.

Voice messages, along with the video calling previously introduced, marks another step towards Facebook’s entry into the voice and video calling market for all its products. This new feature is available for both one-on-one chats and group chats as well. Update your Instagram app to start sending your voice messages now.

SOURCE: Instagram