While sending emoticons is already a fun thing to send during non-text conversations with friends and loved ones, there are more fun things that you can do now through messaging apps. GIFs are one of the popular ways of communicating without words and can sometimes be even more fun than actually talking, for some people. Now Instagram is letting you send GIFs through the power of GIPHY through Direct Messages. It makes sense to communicate visually since Instagram is a visual platform after all.

In any of your existing message threads (or you can create one too), tap on the new GIF button and it will open a library of the whole GIPHY library featuring the latest trending GIFs. You can also search for keywords or phrases that would be perfect for the conversation that you’re having at the moment.

If you want to be surprised or rather, surprise your friend, you can also type in a search word and then press random and it will send a random GIF to whoever you’re talking to. You can also swipe through the trending GIFs and you might find yourself wanting to send that hilarious GIF to your friend.

Instagram has been bringing a lot of features to both Direct and Stories, aside from the usual new features they’re bringing to the main app itself. In fact, there are rumors that they will be bringing a new Direct stand-alone app to be able to compete with the other messaging apps like its sisters Facebook Messages and WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, etc.

If you want to enjoy GIFs on your Instagram Direct, go ahead and update your Instagram app to the latest version through its Google Play page.

SOURCE: Instagram