If you’re still not using the private messaging feature of Instagram, you might be missing out on some fun things you can do and send to your contacts. Instagram seems to be enhancing the direct messaging feature of the photo-sharing app and now with version 24, you can respond to your friends by remixing the photos that they sent to you and sending them back and until you’re one endless cycle of photo remixes. The update also now lets you control if you want people to replay your messages or not.

When someone sends you a photo message, just tap the camera icon at the bottom of your screen and then capture a reply, which will include a sticker of the photo you’re replying to. You can then add stickers, text, drawings, etc, resize and move the original photo, before sending it back. They can then respond back the same way until your conversation becomes a never-ending photo remix.

You can also now get to control if you want your friends to see the photos and videos you sent just once or if they can replay it over and over. You choose “One View” if you want them to just view it once and then it will be unavailable. But you can also choose “Allow Replay” so that they will have more time to look at your photo or video and then respond appropriately.

The remix feature is just some silly fun that you can have with friends if you have nothing better to do. The replay feature can be useful if you’re talking about “important” things and you need visuals to accompany your messages. The update is rolling out to users now with Instagram version 24.

SOURCE: Instagram