If you’re the kind of person who always has trouble deciding between two things, like which dress to buy or what flavor of ice cream to get, or whether to go to LA or San Francisco for your vacation, Instagram would like to make your life a little bit easier by crowdsourcing your problem. The latest update to the app now brings a polling option available on your Instagram Stories. You will also now be able to choose the color of your text based on the colors on your picture or video.

The polling on your Instagram Stories is a neat tool to make them more interactive and to get the input of others when it comes to deciding on simple things like your outfit for tomorrow or what to choose from the menu. Take a photo or video first and then choose the poll sticker from your sticker options. Write the question and the two options and then place it anywhere on the screen. After you share it, they can immediately vote and also see which one is leading that time.

To see results on your poll, you just swipe up and along with the viewers of your story, you’ll see the poll results so far, including those who voted for which option. Those who re-watch your stories will also be able to see the live poll results if they already voted. However, just like your story, the poll will also disappear 24 hours after the original post.

The update also now brings a color picker for your text and brusher, based on the colors on your Stories. You’ll see an eyedropper icon on the far left when choosing a color. Just use it to select any color on your photo or video and it will apply to your text or drawing tool. Update your Instagram to the latest version to enjoy the poll and color picker.

SOURCE: Instagram