Unlike other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter which can sometimes turn toxic, Instagram generally is a positive place where people share their best visual posts. But lately, it seems that it’s slowly becoming a place where hate comments and offensively critical comments are showing up. The Facebook-owned app has been adding new features and controls that can help you keep out those things that might offend and depress you and maintain its reputation as a place you can freely express yourself without fear of being virtually attacked.

You will now have the option to automatically block offensive comments so they won’t even make it to your post. When it detects that what someone is about to comment is offensive, it will not show up anymore. Well, that is, if it’s in English because it’s the only language supported so far. But if you want to still allow comments whether negative or not, you can turn off this filter. And if something offensive does show up, you can manually delete them or report them as well.

When it comes to spam, Instagram has also gotten wiser and can also filter out those comments that aren’t really comments but are instead some random, spammy thing to promote their products (and most often has nothing to do with you). This time it has support for multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

These two filters are just the latest in the safeguards that they have put up using machine learning. They are planning to release more tools in the future that will try to make sure that Instagram will continue to have a more inclusive and kinder community.

SOURCE: Instagram