If you’ve found yourself in the black hole of Instagram, specifically in Stories and Live videos, you’ll want to look away. The Facebook-owned app is bringing even more new features that should keep you enthralled and involved. You will now be able to answer questions in Stories with music. You can also be more involved now in your favorite accounts’ Live videos. And you can also now add a countdown sticker to exciting moments and you and your friends can count the days, hours, minutes to it.

When you want to listen to new music or if you want to find out what music your friends and/or followers are listening to, you can now just ask questions through your Stories. And instead of just responding by telling you the title of a song, they can now choose to share a song directly with you, as long as it’s in the music library of Instagram that is. You’ll see the music icon on the questions sticker and you can view, or rather, listen, to their responses by tapping on the play button.

If you want to share their answers, you can also capture a photo or video while the music plays in the background so you can lip-sync or even sing along to it. There are also new effects you can try out as it responds to the beats and sounds of a song. Just swipe to the music section in the built-in camera to see the new icons above the capture button.

If you like to watch Live videos from your favorite Instagram influencers, you can now ask them questions. If they post an Ask Me Anything sticker on their Stories and they go Live, they can hopefully respond to you while they’re doing the live video. If you want to ask questions when they’re already live, just go back to their story and ask the question. For those who are doing Live, you can also now share photos and videos from your camera roll to their live video.

You will also now see a new Countdown sticker in your Instagram Stories sticker after you’ve taken a photo or video. You can set a name for the countdown, add a date and time, and even customize your color before adding it to your story. People can tap on your countdown to follow it or share it on their own story if they’re involved in it somehow. You will get a notification once the countdown ends. All of these new features are rolling out globally, but if you don’t see it yet, just wait for it to get to you.

SOURCE: Instagram