We’ve gotten used to cropping our photos into a square and viewing them as well in this format ever since Instagram came into our lives. But sometimes it gets frustrating, especially if the photo or video looks better when in landscape mode, especially if it’s that of a sprawling mountain range, the glorious sunset on a beach, or even those panoramic shots which some smartphones can take. But now Instagram has finally relented and is now allowing users to post their images and videos in formats other than the square one.

The photo sharing social juggernaut announced that starting today, you can choose to post your photo or video in both portrait and landscape orientations. This means no need to use third-party cropping apps anymore, no friends will get cut out of pictures (unless you really don’t want to include them in there), and that the media we post won’t feel so cramped anymore, if they’re not meant to be square.

So before posting the photo, all you need to do is tap the format icon and then choose portrait or landscape. The full-sized photo will appear on your friends’ or followers’ feed, so get ready to reorient your eyes again. But in your profile grid, the photo will appear as a center-cropped square, if you choose the landscape format. This new option is especially beneficial for video on Instagram, as most of them are meant for widescreen rather than the square we’ve been forced to use for the past years.

Another new thing in the update is that all filters, including intensity adjustments of filters, can be applied to videos too. The update is rolling out to Google Play Store today.

SOURCE: Instagram


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