At one point or another, you’ve probably wished that you could add legit background music to one of your Instagram Stories. Well if the code for the next update is current, you just might get that wish as it looks like “music stickers” or adding music to your Stories may be coming soon. This comes on the heels of Facebook’s recent licensing deals with major record labels so that doesn’t really seem that far off. This may also be the start of Instagram becoming a music discovery platform as well.

Based on the code that some users have detected, we will be able to add listenable music stickers to our Stories and actually include popular music as background for our videos. There isn’t any indication yet that it will be the same for photos, but hopefully they will also include that. It should make your Stories seem like a music video, even though you will still have to be content with a 15-second one. It can also compete with lip sync apps like Musically and add to that the recently added feature of sharing from 3rd party apps like Spotify, then Instagram can become the next major music discovery platform.

If you’re listening to a song while using Instagram, it can also automatically detect the artist and title and create a sticker for it for your Stories. Facebook recently inked deals with Sony, Warner, Universal, and other European labels, so having a feature like this isn’t really far off. Based on the code, you will be able to search for songs using Genre, Moods, and Trending. Once you’ve added the sticker, people who watch your Stories will probably hear a clip of the song.

It’s possible that Instagram may eventually change how it works or it may even not push through with it. But this is a great opportunity for them to run even farther ahead of Snapchat and other competitors. They may also partner with a music streaming service like Spotify, like what they did with Giphy for the GIFs. We’ll find out soon enough when these “music stickers” will take effect or if they ever will.

VIA: Tech Crunch