While we can all just wait for official announcements or app updates to see what’s new from our favorite apps, it’s also sometimes more exciting to check out the APK to see what hidden features or upcoming new goodies they are seemingly preparing for us. Based on what’s buried in its current APK, it looks like Instagram will be adding a Portrait mode in its Stories built-in camera, giving users more options to choose from aside from Boomerang, Superzoom, and the normal camera mode as well.

If Portrait mode sounds familiar, that’s because most smartphone default cameras already have this option available already. It gives your selfies a more beautifying effect, including that current favorite Bokeh effect-blurred background. While you can use that mode from your device’s native camera and then just upload it to Instagram or whatever app of your choice, it really is easier if you have it available in the in-app camera and it will more likely be used if it’s available already in the Stories camera.

Besides, Snapchat doesn’t have this feature and if Instagram still wants to continue one-upping them, then having features that they don’t have is one way to do so (instead of just copying what’s there already). Based on the APK, there’s no way to see if it’s just a single setting or if there are other ways to enhance this supposed Portrait mode. Then again, we’re not sure if they will follow through with this Portrait mode or if it’s just an experiment.

It’s not just Stories that Instagram is continually improving. There may also be new goodies coming to its Direct messaging system, including possible voice and video calling features. There’s still that rumor that they may launch Direct as a stand-alone app. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.

VIA: Tech Crunch