Instagram Update

Instagram is making significant changes to the social media app. The photo-sharing platform has grown from a simple iOS-exclusive app to a global marketing tool that millions of people use. It has since grown into a big business especially since Facebook’s acquisition. Instagram’s development team is making improvements related to the safety of all IG users. A safer Instagram for everyone is the goal. Not just in terms of mobile security but also when it comes to the welfare of the people.

Instagram has teamed up with academics and experts on youth to help in suicide prevention and mental health. In this regards, the company will no longer allow very graphic images that show self-harm (ie. cutting). Instagram will never encourage suicide so related images will be removed.

Self-harm content will not be shown. Even hashtags won’t be recommended at all. It may be a challenge to identify all related images but all reports and feedback will be checked by Instagram.

The company will also help by pointing people to resources and organization that may help. Experts are being consulted for these efforts to ensure safety at all times. Centre for Mental Health and recommend creating safe spaces for everyone, especially young people.

Such efforts may be online but Instagram is making a difference. It’s a big responsibility but this is a good start. More information on the topic HERE.

SOURCE: Instagram