Instagram Filter Abusive Messages

Instagram has been around for about a decade now. We have seen how the community has grown. It has been introducing new features and improvements and as our society grows and learn, expect changes to the social media app will be introduced. A few weeks ago, we learned about the Instagram Remix feature made ready for Reels. We also learned about that Instagram version for 13 and below as Facebook, the company behind Instagram, tries to make the app safer for kids apart from private accounts and restricted DMs.

Instagram has vowed to improve on many areas. It will be safer for kids and now, it is doing something to address abusive messages. Hate speech and abuse are all around but now, access to Direct Messages (DMs) is further restricted.

Those who send abusive DMs are slapped strict penalties. To improve on protection, people are restricted from seeing such abusive messages. They are also given ability to prevent someone from contacting you once blocked, as well as, from a newly created account.

A DM request inbox is a potential place for abuse. Instagram is introducing a tool that will filter DM requests that come with offensive words, emojis, or phrases–including misspellings. A user will no longer see such as a first line of defense.

From comment filters to DM request filters, Instagram seems to be all out in improving the system. Check you Privacy Settings for Hidden Words to enable the feature.

Instagram has teamed up with anti-bullying and anti-discrimination organizations to prepare a list of offensive terms. The words identified will be filtered from the DM requests. You can also add to the custom list of content to filter.

You can still see the messages if you want but always–at your own risk. You can also report the messages. This feature will be available in the coming weeks in more countries.

You can block accounts that send abusive messages. You can also prevent them from sending a DM from a new account that person may create. Instagram allows proactive detection technology and also has harassment policies. More measures will be developed and implemented as Instagram continues its fight against bullying and online abuse.

Instagram toughens its stance on hate speech sent through DMs. Expect more related measures will be introduced.