While it’s pretty easy to actually see all your past Instagram posts (unless you post 10 times a day and so you have a gazillion past posts), you don’t always want to keep all of them in your profile for one reason or another. The photo and video sharing giant from Facebook has now introduced a new feature that would let you archive the posts you want to remove but still be able to see them whenever you want to.

Whether it’s photos from a past that you would like to forget but still want to peek at them every once in a while or if you want to just keep photos and videos that are relevant to your current career or brand, this feature will probably be perfect for you. Just tap the “…” at the top of the post and select the archive icon in the right corner. It will then be moved to the Archive section and not in your main profile anymore.

If you then decide that you want to have it back, just tap on the “…” again and then choose “Show on Profile” and it will go back to where you originally posted it. This may be a minor feature but of course pretty useful for those who have tons of posts and would like to keep their profile just the way they want to.

To enjoy this feature, you should update your Instagram to version 10.21 through its Google Play page. Now go ahead and enjoy going back through all your posts.

SOURCE: Instagram