Those browsing Instagram this morning may have noticed something strange. At first glance it would appear as if some of the people you follow have turned into fruit and smoothie lovers overnight. Well, it seems there is more to this and it is actually an Instagram hack that appears to be going around.

The hack seems to be harmless enough as far as these types of things go. Still, if you have been affected you should change that passcode (assuming you still have access to your account) and also change any other account passcodes that may have been the same as what you had been using on Instagram. With that basic warning out of the way, lets get more into the details.

This one seems to have surfaced late last night with users first taking to Twitter complaining they could not access their Instagram accounts. Those who have been hacked will notice a new link in their bio. While there is no need to post that link and further spread that message, we will say that it appears to look like a BBC news link. Of course, we suspect you will realize if your bio link has been changed.

Otherwise, from what we can see the images all appear to be health related. So far we have seen some buckets of fruit and some smoothies. The real kicker here, the images aren’t even that great looking. In fact, the one we noticed in a friends feed stood out because it was so unlike the person.

That all aside, as this appears to still be an in-progress type of situation we have yet to see anything from the folks at Instagram. In the meantime we offer this as advice — don’t click the links and move forward with a password reset as soon as possible.