One of the selling points of the new iPhone 6s is the 3D Touch feature. Android users can sort of (very slightly sort of) experience this thing if you have Instagram installed on your device. This is because the photo sharing app has an almost direct port of this feature, as you can now long press photos on a grid on a profile or a search, and almost magical things will happen.

If you’re not easily impressed by new features, then you probably will not be able to appreciate this new update from Instagram. If you’re looking at a grid of photos in the app, whether you’re viewing the profile of a certain user or you’re going through photos of a hashtag that you clicked on, you’ll get a pop up peek at the thumbnail once you long press on one photo. You will then be given some options, like liking a photo, sending the photo to a friend or friends, following the user if you’re not following them yet, and commenting on the photo.

You just slide your finger over these options, and if you decide to not click on any of the options, slide your finger away from them and lift it/them off the screen. However, the “peek” card will not show you the caption or the other comments or even how many people have already hearted/liked it. Aside from this new feature, there isn’t anything else you can expect from the latest Instagram update.

This feature has started rolling out to Instagram users, but if it hasn’t reached you yet, be patient. Of course it will not revolutionize the way you use the app once you have it, but it is indeed something interesting that Android users can play around with.

VIA: The Verge