The latest Instagram app update has been announced. This update brings a new feature called Photos of You, which is said to be the answer to the question of who. To give a bit of a background on that, the folks at Instagram have said he Photo Map answers the where and the captions and hashtags answer the what. With that in mind, Instagram users now have the Photos of You feature for the who.

Anyway, reasons as to why this was introduced aside, this basically means that you will be able to tag people in your images. You will be the only person able to add people to your images. But remember, while others cannot tag people in your images, they can tag their own images. For that, this is where the Photos of You section will come in handy.

The process of tagging is fairly simple. To tag an image as you are sharing it, you tap the Add People link from the Share screen. From here you tap a person in the image and then start typing their name or username. Alternatively, you can go back and edit previously uploaded images by visiting that image and tapping the “…” icon underneath the image. From here you tap the Add People link and start tagging.

The Photos of You feature will appear as a new section in your profile. This section will display any and all images that you have been tagged in. The silver lining here, users will be able to approve images before they begin appearing in their profiles. Otherwise, as this will likely be a feature either loved or hated, Instagram is giving you some lead time. They have said you have until May 16th to “play around and get used to the feature”before is becomes visible to others.

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