A few updates ago, Instagram already introduced some features that can help you make your account a “safe” place for you and your followers, including filtering inappropriate words. Now the photo sharing network is bringing more new things to the table so that you will be able to take full control of your account and the people who will interact with you in your personal space. This is part of the Facebook-owned company’s “commitment to keeping Instagram a positive space for self-expression.”

You will soon be able to turn off the comments for a post so that it can stand on its own, without any opinions from other people (including your friends). Just go to the Advanced Settings before you post the picture, and you will see the “Turn Off Commenting” button. But after you’ve posted and you feel like you actually want people to comment, you can turn it back on by the tapping the … menu. And if the comment is something you really really like, then soon you will be able to “heart” it which will be found next to every comment.

If your account is set to private, then people have to request access and you have to approve or disapprove them. The problem is that you couldn’t “disapprove” someone who’s already following you when you suddenly turn your account private or if someone is being a nuisance. The update will now allow you to do so just by tapping on the … button beside the name of the person you want to remove.

Lastly, if you’re following someone that you think is a danger to his or her selves, you can anonymously report them to Instagram and they will connect that person to organizations that can actually help them stop self-harming. The update isn’t available yet though an we have to wait for the rollout.

SOURCE: Instagram