It has been quite a while, but Instagram has just pushed out the latest major revision of its mobile app. In version 6.0, the popular photo sharing service has added a bevy of tools that aims to bring out the creative artist inside of you.

Aside from the social networking community that has grown around the service, one of the most popular features of Instagram is the amount of filters that one can apply to spruce up a photo before sharing it with friends and strangers. One could perhaps claim that without these filters that enabled non-artists to create interesting moods and effects, Instagram wouldn’t have really taken off as much as it did. Building up on that vision of creativity, Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is adding a few more creative tools to the user’s belt.

Taking center stage in this release is a set of photo editing tools. These aren’t just your ordinary crop or rotate tools, but neither are they full blown effects like Amaro, Mayfair, and the rest of the gang. Instead, these are options that will let you fine tune images even further, whether by increasing or decreasing Brightness, creating Highlights or focusing on Shadows, or even controlling the color Saturation of a photo. All of these settings are accessible via that tools menu, represented by the wrench icon, which brings up a whole new tray of options.


But Instagram wasn’t content with giving users more control over photos. It is also giving them more control over filters themselves. They might not be fine-grained knobs and dials, but double tapping on a filter will bring up a slider that will control just how much of that filter will be applied. Some filters will have additional options, like frames or borders. Instagram v6.0 is free and now up on Google Play Store, so grab it while it’s still hot.

Download: Instagram on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Instagram