Insta360 ONE X2 Pocket Camera Features

It’s been almost four years since the Insta360 was first introduced. That was the Insta360 Air that let us capture memories and images in the round. The following year, the team behind it partnered with Huawei to release the Honor VR 360-degree Camera. The camera accessory was soon made available in the US and Europe. The Insta360 Pro was even certified by Google as ‘Street View Auto Ready’ camera so we know it is one worthy gadget. We haven’t mentioned anything new from the company until this week as the Insta360 ONE X2 has just been introduced.

The Insta360 ONE X2 is ready to do many things for you. It can shoot, stabilize, and edit 5.7K 360 videos. The small camera is really just a pocket-sized offering that can be used to record even in water or wet conditions, thanks to its IPX8 waterproofing.

The little cam comes with a 360 touch display and a host of AI-powered editing features as described. It also offers a 360 webcam and live streaming, as well as, better hardware and better experience with the 1630mAh battery that is good to last 80 minutes and the ultra-bright high-def touchscreen for previews.

The camera lets you capture every angle at once. It’s best for the adventurous vlogger who is always game to do those fun and cinematic shots. You don’t need a drone or a cameraman the Insta360 ONE X2. It lets you do those shots on your own so you can do things like a pro anytime, anywhere, and anyhow.

Insta360 ONE X2 Pocket Camera Launch

You can now purchase the Insta360 ONE X2 straight from Other retailers in key market will also carry the camera like Adorama and B&H Photo Video.