Insta360 Air is a new accessory that will make any selfie addict’s dream come true. Okay, it’s not only for those who like taking selfies but also for those wanabe-videographers who enjoy capturing moments and then compiling them to later show off to other people. Those that like to make memories and record them for posterity’s sake will find that the Insta360 Air is one convenient way to capture and share special events.

The project is now listed on Indiegogo hoping to raise $20,000. With still a month left before deadline, the team already raised over $24K. That’s beyond the target now. Perhaps a lot of people need such as travel companion because it’s way better than a selfie stick.

The Insta360 Air lets you capture videos and livestream for all your family and friends to see. It’s a clip-on camera that you attach to your phone that can record HD images, thanks to its 210-degree dual fish-eye-lens. It features real-time image stitching so it can record images in the round as described. It can take 2K videos and 3K photos.

Insta360 Air portable camera is offered in four color options: White/Silver, Black, Rose Gold, and Pink. Cameras boasts of an advanced stabilization technology for more precise results and shots. Cam works with a special app that allows you to edit videos quickly.

With the Insta360 Air, you can create VR videos that are immersive and seem more real. The guys behind this project said it’s not just a bulky add-on but an extension of the smartphone.

Insta360 Air is expected to be sold for only $99 via Indiegogo. It will be ready online and on Amazon for $119 commercially.

SOURCE: Indiegogo