As I was watching CNBC yesterday, I happened to come across a show that interested me a good deal; “Inside the Mind of Google”. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but been about Google, I kept on watching, but well into the show, something really caught my attention: Google Visual Search for Android.

When I heard Maria Bartiromo saying “Google is working on Google Visual Search, a mobile application that lets users take a picture of a location from their Android-powered smartphone and trigger a Google search that pulls up information associated with the image.” My mind just went crazy thinking of all the possibilities that this could open up.

As you will see on the video below, the person testing GVS takes a picture of the Santa Monica Pier entrance and voila! The service gives him within seconds, an audio-visual narrative explaining the image. The GVS is not ready for Prime time just yet, according to Google, but it is coming to Android, and have no doubt about it. I didn’t record the show, but I found part of it on youtube, enjoy.