Vlogging these days is easier with all the devices and accessories available. A decade ago, you’d need a handycam or you digicam to record short clips that you had to edit for hours. Fast forward to year 2017, you only need a smartphone, a few clicks here and there, and then you have something to upload on YouTube. If you’re more serious about this “art”, you can choose to get some more accessories or programs to use like this InMotion Slider. This thing allows you to capture cinematic camera shots with your phone, GoPro, or any mirrorless camera. It simply pans the camera while still focusing on the subject.

The InMotion Slider turns your phone into a smarter and more feature-rich device that can result in high-quality videos. Key features include Video mode, Face-following, Animation Mode, social media streaming, Parallax shots, Panoramic, Cloud-based color grading, Smart Clapper, 360-degree product shots, and Loop Mode. It boasts of extendable rails that make smooth panning movement possible.

The project is currently on Kickstarter with a fund goal of $50,000. With still 31 days to go, the team behind it has already raised over $87,000. That is one impressive feat made possible by only 244 backers. Feel free to back the project on Kickstarter.

InMotion can track your face automatically. You can take cinematic videos on your own because you can program the shots and the slider will follow you. It can keep you in focus while you move around by rotating and sliding at the same time.

SOURCE: Kickstarter