Round up your inventory Ingress players, because today Google and Niantic Labs just released a pretty big update for the augmented reality game. The still in a closed-beta game has a huge following, even though it drains your battery thanks to the ongoing GPS needs, but it’s quite fun. Today the game received tons of improvements, fancy animations, and much more.

If you’re one of the thousands that still love this game (I know a few die hards) you’ll be happy to see the update delivers quite a list of things users have been asking for. For one they’ve finally added inventory sorting controls. So you won’t have to fumble through the entire list. I know my brief stint with the game this aspect bothered me.

Ingress also added some fancy portal hacking animations, a new fire mode for weapons, a better health indicator, and more. The changelog even lists better support for high-res displays. Whatever that means. Hopefully our 1080p devices will look a little better, but that’s doubtful.

Get ready to attack portals in both the real world, and the virtual world inside Ingress with all these new tools and fire modes. The game is quite odd, but can be loads of fun once you put enough time and effort into it. It’s still in a closed beta, but you can grab the latest update right now from the link below.

Who plays Ingress? Did you try it and give up, or are you still waiting for an invite?

VIA: Play Store