Ingress Agents, you’ve got work to do. With the #Recursion series, two new gameplay features are being rolled out. There are more artifacts to grab, and a mini game designed to give improved portal hacking abilities. More mystery, more intrigue, and a deeper gameplay.

With regard to the artifacts, the Ingress team is hiding 17 around the globe between now and March 29th. The artifacts will be in the anomaly cities of Bangalore, India, Berlin, Germany, Zagreb, Croatia, Nashville, Boulder and Los Angeles. Once captured, Agents must work with their factions to get the artifacts to Los Angeles on March 29th.

The new Glyph mini game will take advantage of Shaper technology, where Agents can attempt to decode Glyphs for better hacking abilities. According to Niantic Labs, makers of Ingress, “Successful attempts to decode the glyphs will give players improved portal hacking abilities. Glyphs can be activated by Agents by long-pressing the HACK button.” That makes transporting those artifacts tricky, now doesn’t it?

Google’s augmented reality game just got a bit more interesting for Agents around the world. Between added hacking abilities and transportation of artifacts, we expect the lead-up to March 29th to be interesting in the world of Ingress. Artifacts will undoubtedly change hands numerous times, falling prey to artful portal hacks the world over.