HMD Global Nokia Android 9 Pie OS Update Process

Of all the few OEMs working on their own versions of the Android 9 Pie, there’s Nokia able to launch timely OS and software updates. Well, that’s expected because the brand only has several phones in its lineup. HMD Global still has many other brands under its belt but good thing the Nokia team works hard to be always up-to-date. While waiting for the Nokia 8.1 Plus and Nokia 9 PureView, allow us to review how the former top phone maker prepares to serve the next dessert. From Oreo to Pie, a long process is involved. Eight Nokia phones are expected to receive a serving of the Pie soon so Nokia fans, don’t worry.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Android 9 Pie OS code SW delivery
Google releases an OS code to chipset vendors – a collection of source les and platform development kits.

Step 2. Chipset vendor release
HAL, or the Hardware Abstraction Layer gets the platform to work seamlessly with each chipset.

Step 3. Nokia phone-ification
This is where Nokia integrates special Android One features and exclusive experiences for Nokia smartphones in the software.

Step 4a. Field testing across the world
Nokia hits the road with the builds and test on live networks. Everything the Operators support is tested, including voice calls, web browsing, video streaming, VoLTE, SMS and more.

Step 4b. Lab testing across all areas
In parallel, the software build is passed on to the engineering and testing team for manual hands-on testing, subjecting the smartphone to literally thousands of programmable test cases.

Step 4c. Beta testing
If the device is selected as a “lead program”, fans are invited to evaluate and help improve on the pre-official builds in one of the programs- “Nokia phones beta labs” or it’s sister site “Nokia phones Android Developer Preview”

Step 5a. Conformance standards test
No build can be released without ensuring it passes a mandatory set of conformance standards. These can vary throughout the world, with the most familiar being Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Step 5b.Quality checks
Everything is double-checked to ensure your Nokia phone works just fine when you upgrade it.

Step 5c. Operator tests
Operators and regions test/verify/check that everything for their markets and customers work.

Once the “stamp of approval” is received, Nokia releases the new Android build as early as possible.

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