Smart displays are becoming more common these days. We’re expecting more models will be introduced by different companies especially since a number of related products have been introduced during the CES 2018. The tech event became the launching pad for such devices. Next to enter the category are two from InFocus. The top maker of display solutions has recently unveiled the JTouch Plus INF8630AG and its INF8630eAG variant for K-12 education. These are Android-powered touch displays that we can easily describe as smart monitors. For others, you can call them super large surfaces with touch capabilities.

We knew this day and age would come but we never expected it to happen early. Thanks to the fast development of technologies and innovations that allowed the industry to come up with something many households, offices, schools, and businesses will benefit from.

The JTouch series isn’t exactly new but the JTouch Plus INF8630AG is perhaps the biggest available in the market. The 86-inch display boasts of 4K resolution with anti-glare for a convenient and stress-free viewing. The display features LightCast for quick wireless casting anytime.

The 86-inch JTouch Plus is best to use in schools. It can double as a whiteboard, monitor, web browser, and app launching pad where you can access thousands of apps and games. The huge touch display allows students and teachers to use the device in an interactive way. It’s really like having your tablet but only on a bigger scale. You can use it with other devices like via VGA, PV, or HDMI.

JTouch Plus INF8630AG and INF8630eAG for K-12 education will be sold for $11,999 and $11,099. Order from



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