Google has introduced two new sub-$250 Chromebooks into the Indian market. Manufactured locally by Nexan and Xolo and just like the other Chromebooks, the machines are powered by the web-based Chrome OS platform. Google said that they will be bringing more machines like this from other manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung, and other locally based OEMs so that the Indian market will have a lot more to choose from and solidifying the South Asian country as a market to watch out for when it comes to tech products and all.

Both Chromebooks run on a RockChip SoC, and in fact, there is very little to differentiate the two. The one from Xolo seems to have better ergonomics and design, but other than that, you only get to choose from which brand is more familiar to you. The Chromebooks are traditionally used for educational purposes as it is packed with features and apps, specifically targeted for content creation.

However, one problem for these two new Chromebooks is that they would need to be connected to the Internet for them to function properly and to be able to use the full features and functions. Internet connection is not necessarily a strength in most developing countries like India, so this might pose a problem eventually. Hopefully, the upcoming Chromebook machines from other OEMs will work on that issue as well.

The Nexian Chromebook will be available in the market for around $212 and can be bought from Amazon. Meanwhile, the Xolo device will sell for around $220 and will be available on Snapdeal.

VIA: Tech Deal