It is not only in the US where China is being challenged. The US trade war that involves Huawei is just one battle. In India, approvals of China-imported made devices are said to be being delayed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The BIS’ approval is believed to be taking more than the usual. Instead of the almost two-week approval, some are now taking up to two months or even longer. India’s control of those items from China has gotten tighter, resulting to the numbers of Apple and Xiaomi products hurting.

This move by the BIS isn’t exactly a bad thing because the control is all about quality clearances. It’s just that these brands we mentioned are having a hard time. Clearances have slowed down for major items like smartwatches, smartphones, and laptops.

India and China’s ties are seen to be weakening. It started with that border clash a few months ago were Indian soldiers died. Because of this, India was seen making changes to rules regarding investments and imports from China. It also resulted to Chinese mobile apps being banned from India. More are being added to the list.

The iPhone 12 has been delayed in India. Apple executives in the country are believed to have requested the BIS to speed up the approval, at least, for those devices imported from China.

Apple and Xiaomi are not the only ones affected. Other companies and brands that deliver tablets, laptops, and other electronics are also experiencing delays. The BIS websites already lists over a thousand applications. Xiaomi and OPPO’s smartwatch businesses have been hit because of this. Even the TV makers have been required to acquire a special license.

There have been calls in India to boycotts China-made productions. There is a big push to make such gadgets in India instead. Let’s wait and see how this trade war will affect not only Chinese OEMs and suppliers but also Indian companies.