One of the most annoying things for people that travel with gadgets is keeping up with all the charge cables. Cables for smartphones tablets, computers, and other gadgets can turn into a tangled mess in short order. If you are out and about all day and traveling light, sometimes there is nowhere to keep a standard charge cable.

This is where a product called inCharge comes in. It’s a very small charge cable for USB charging devices, like Android smartphones and tablets. The cable is very small at 1.5-inches long when folded and only 0.27mm thick.

Being that short it doesn’t have enough length to get tangled. The two ends of the cable clip together using a magnetic clasp. inCharge is designed to wrap the cable around a key ring so you have it with you anywhere you go.

inCharge is on Indiegogo right now seeking the money to come to market. The project needed to raise $20,000 and ended up raising over $150,000 with 20 days to go. The cable will be available for Lightning devices and devices that charge using microUSB for $9 with delivery expected in December 2014.

SOURCE: Indiegogo