In a world where not everyone works in the morning or sleep in the evenings, it is important that you will be able to customize your snooze options (and we don’t mean the actual snoozing/sleeping or your alarm clock’s snooze alarm). Google says that one of their most requested for features in their Inbox for Gmail app is the ability to choose when you’d like to snooze certain emails, and now they have finally given the users what they want.

The minor update to the Inbox app now lets you customize your morning, afternoon, and evening snooze times for when you want to check (or not check) your emails. And customizing it is not that complicated and in fact you just need to click a few buttons and Inbox will adapt to you. So when you snooze one of your emails and you choose a different time, Inbox will prompt you if you’d like to change your default morning snooze time to that. So if you say yes, then it will automatically change all your morning snoozes (sneezes?) to that time. But if you’d like to adjust all of those times (morning, afternoon, evening) in one go, you can just go to the Snooze Settings.


Another minor update to Inbox on the web is that you now have quicker access to your contacts. They’re also working on giving you an easier way to delete emails from your Inbox, as well as adding customizable signature support for the app. Again, these are features that have been requested by users.

If you don’t have Inbox for Gmail yet, you can get it for free from the Google Play Store. if you already have it, just wait for the update to roll out to you.