The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is finally starting to pick up steam with all the U.S. carriers announcing details and reviews hitting the streets, but a redesigned and more rugged model might already be in the works. While speaking at a conference this week a Samsung exec might have spilled the beans. Stating a slightly redesigned waterproof model could arrive in “the coming weeks.”

We know Samsung likes to make devices of every shape, size, and spec possible so this isn’t really a surprise. It’s interesting to hear just a few days before most U.S. carriers even launch the original though. Speaking at press event President of Samsung Gulf, Young Soo Kim, made these comments and now it will just be a waiting game.

Young’s words weren’t very detailed but he essentially mentions a ruggedized waterproof and dustproof GALAXY S 4 is already in the works and is actually going to be available in the coming weeks. This is the first we’ve heard of such a device and while many smartphones today have water-resistant coatings, a “waterproof” GALAXY S 4 sure would be nice.

The smartphone is set to hit AT&T and T-Mobile in the coming days, then this morning it was confirmed for Verizon on May 30th, but those will be the standard version. We’ll probably not see this redesigned rugged smartphone in the U.S. but we’ll update if we hear any further details. In the meantime check out our detailed and feature-packed GALAXY S 4 Review.

[via TechView]