If you are an Android user, chances are you’ll eventually end up in a situation where you need to recover corrupted data, resurrect system crashes, solve getting stuck on the lock screen or revert to the previous OS version. iMobie, a software developer with almost a decade of experience in providing seamless solutions to Android users, knows the quirks we eventually end up with on our mobile devices. Reason enough for them to develop a one-stop solution for all Android users’ problems with their devices.

Christened iMobie’s DroidKit, the Windows and Mac compatible software is the first-ever all-in-one solution to fix any issue with your Android device. After all, it is the most dreaded feeling when unassumingly one loses the phone data or is locked out of the device due to software glitch or physical damage to the screen without the opportunity to recover it safely. Sure there is a plentitude of tools to solve problems like screen lock freezes, system crashes, getting past fingerprint lock, data recovery, etc., but isn’t it wiser to have a single tool to tackle all the hassles?

With the big storage options coming with current-day smartphones and tablets, we have a chunk of photos, files, notes, and other useful data on the devices worth their weight in gold. To safeguard against any loss of useful data or other irks, DroidKit is the simplest solution to opt for.

The software comes with a set of seven highly secure tools/features, which save you from the fuss of testing out unreliable options that can pose a security risk or damage your data. Before proceeding with any one of them, you need to activate the USB debugging option on your device. Once done, you can explore the features seamlessly in the clean UI of the software.

Lost data recovery tool

DroidKit can recover lost data from virtually any Android device (supports over 20,000 Android devices from all brands) without much stress. For example, it could be a situation where you deleted important files accidentally, or the corrupted memory storage doomed them forever.

This is where the software comes in, as it can recoup from amongst 13 types of data, including photos or videos, messages, contacts, call logs, audio files, file documents, and even WhatsApp data.

The data recovery can be performed in a Quick Recovery Mode which scans the designated folders with a single click. The other method, Deep Recovery Mode, will thoroughly scan everything and requires root access to the device. To make things easier for non-techy users, a step-by-step guide is provided.

This nifty tool can even recover lost data from a formatted SD card or retrieve sensitive information like chats or data files dedicatedly from WhatsApp.

Extract important data

Since so many types of files and data are stored on your phone, it is a prudent ploy to create a sorted backup for all of them. DroidKit helps you extract important data from the device onto your PC or external storage device. You can also retrieve data from a Google backup or crashed device; for now, the tool supports data recovery from a crashed Samsung device.

The good thing about the data extraction feature is that if you want to restore lost data, the tool extracts the lost files in a very organized manner. It can also recover other important information data like Wi-Fi, calendar, call logs and messages if need be. All the data from the SIM card can also be easily extracted, which at times can be a big issue with other complicated tools.

Unlock Device Screen

Most of us have multiple devices or an old phone biting the dust only to be used when the main device runs into issues. But when you want to use it, the primary hassle is to get through the screen lock, PIN, or password that you might have forgotten. This can be a real headache, and DroidKit can help you out. The tool is capable of bypassing various screen lock methods like PIN, password, fingerprint, facial recognition, or pattern to give you access to the device.

It has to be kept in mind that doing this will erase all the data on the device and should only be done if you desperately need access to it. Performing a backup on your PC via the USB connection is advised before venturing out on this step. As an advantage, the tool does it without performing rooting and supports all major brands, including Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc. Especially if you want to unlock a Samsung phone with forgot password.

Fix System Problems

Given the open environment of the Android ecosystem, over time, you are bound to run across some issues on the device. Things like screen freezes, camera crashes, boot loop, touchscreen anomalies, error reports, abrupt restarts, or black screens. The DroidKit takes charge of the situation and with the click of a button can fix all these bugging problems.

There are other add-ons like sorting the system crashes at the firmware level or viruses. For now, this will only work with Samsung devices with support for others expected soon.

FRP Lock bypass

The tool is capable of bypassing Google FRP lock and resetting it on Samsung devices running any version of Android. Once the bypass is completed, you can go on to use another account on the device in question. Again this feature will delete all the data on the phone/tablet, so you need to take a backup on PC beforehand to avoid any important data loss.

Reinstall or Upgrade OS version

As we told you, this software tool can do it all – even reinstall or upgrade the operating system version of the device. Performing this task has quite a few advantages as it restores any bugs or glitches in the OS which result in crashes, slowdowns, and whatnot.

The software will look for all the official ROMs for your device and easily install them, a good tool for advanced users who like to have the latest OS versions on their owned devices. This is another feature that is currently only supported for Samsung devices with compatibility for other devices landing soon on DroidKit.

System Junk Cleaning

Unwanted junk like duplicate files, cache data, and dormant apps can be a menace for your device. It can drain the device’s battery and affect the overall performance in the long run. DroidKit takes care of all the junk on your phone or tablet by performing a check and then guiding you through the process of removing unnecessary stuff.

Sure there are tons of apps that claim to do this exact task but if you have a laggy phone, running the app in itself can be a headache. This is where DroidKit gives you a better option to connect with the PC and perform a controlled clean-up of the junk you no longer require.

The cherry on the cake

With all these useful options, iMobie’s DroidKit is a very useful tool for Android owners; but wait, there’s one more goodie for you. iMobie is giving you the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S21 and a free DroidKit License by participating in an online contest. All you have to do is share your views about your preference for Android over iOS with the relevant hashtags mentioned on the contest page. Go grab your opportunity right now!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Android Community’s opinions, reviews, and other editorial content remain objective and are not influenced by the sponsorship.


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