If you like to chat with your friends and coworkers on IM and want one app for just about every service you may already be familiar with imo.im for Android. The app is a universal IM application that supports most major IM platforms for chatting online. It supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM/ICQ, Google Talk, My Space, Skype, and Facebook.

The app has a new feature that has just been added that will make it even more useful for some users. Imo has announced that the Android app now supports voice IM as well. The user can send voice messages up to 30 seconds long to other app users. To record a message the user presses the mic button on the open chat window and holds it down to record and then release the button to send your message. Some other new features are added as well.

You can log into your chat screen names on the app even if you are logged in on your computer, you can get chat and buddy request notifications, and you can store your chat history on imo.im. Messages can now be previewed before you change to the conversation window. Favorite buddies can be viewed in a new view and a chat view feature lets you see all your active chats clearly. You can grab the app for free right now.